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Friday, December 5, 2008

Old Classic Collection 3

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Kalakanidi Nijamainadi.mp3 (3.31 MB) : Click Here

Kaluvaku Chandrudu.mp3 (3 MB) : Click Here

Kanarada Kailasa Nivasa.mp3 (7.14 MB) : Click Here

Kannullo Misamisalu.mp3 (4.15 MB) : Click Here

Kanugonagalano.MP3 (2.63 MB) : Click Here

Kanulu Kanulato Kalabadite.mp3 (3.25 MB) : Click Here

Kanulu Terachina Neevaye.mp3 (3.29 MB) : Click Here

Karulo Shikarukelle Pala.mp3 (3.39 MB) : Click Here

Kasiki Poyanu.MP3 (2.8 MB) : Click Here

Kundakadu Kondakadu.mp3 (2.62 MB) : Click Here

Lechindi Nidra Lechindi.mp3 (2.39 MB) : Click Here

Maanasa veena.mp3 (4.36 MB) : Click Here

Maanu Makunu Kaanu.mp3 (3.21 MB) : Click Here

Maata Jaganmatha.mp3 (2 MB) : Click Here

Mabbulo Eemundi.mp3 (3.79 MB) : Click Here

mabbulu rendu.MP3 (3.9 MB) : Click Here

Madhu Masa Velalo.mp3 (4.07 MB) : Click Here

Madilo Veenalu Mroge.mp3 (3.87 MB) : Click Here

Malliyalara malikalara.MP3 (3.06 MB) : Click Here

mamathalu leni.MP3 (3 MB) : Click Here

Manasa Sancharare.mp3 (1.71 MB) : Click Here

Manasu Gati Inte.mp3.mp3 (3.37 MB) : Click Here

manasuna manasai.MP3 (3.6 MB) : Click Here

Manavi Cheyave Chinadana.mp3 (2.94 MB) : Click Here

mantalu repe nelaraja.MP3 (3.99 MB) : Click Here

Medante Meda.mp3 (3.19 MB) : Click Here

Mella Mella Mellaga.mp3 (4.31 MB) : Click Here

Merise Megha Malika.mp3 (3.17 MB) : Click Here

Mohana Raga Maha.mp3 (3.04 MB) : Click Here

mounamuga nee manasu.MP3 (2.44 MB) : Click Here

Mudda Banti Puvvulo.mp3 (3.99 MB) : Click Here

muddulolike.MP3 (3.81 MB) : Click Here

Mukkoti Devatalu.mp3 (5.68 MB) : Click Here

aakasa veedhilo.mp3 (3.73 MB) : Click Here

andame anandam.mp3 (3.11 MB) : Click Here

avunante kadanile.mp3 (3.4 MB) : Click Here

babu dharmamcheyi.mp3 (3.22 MB) : Click Here

brundavanamadi.mp3 (1.87 MB) : Click Here

Old Classic Collection 2

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Ee pagalu reyiga.MP3 (2.73 MB) : Click Here

Eedukondala Samy.mp3 (2.8 MB) : Click Here

Eemandi Etu Chudandi.mp3 (3.51 MB) : Click Here

Eemani Paadedano.mp3 (2.66 MB) : Click Here

Eenati Ee Hayi Kala.mp3 (3.72 MB) : Click Here

eenati eebandham.MP3 (3.92 MB) : Click Here

Eesha Gireesha Mahesha.mp3 (3.54 MB) : Click Here

Ekkadi Dongalu Akkadane.mp3 (3.24 MB) : Click Here

Emandoi emandi.mp3 (3.53 MB) : Click Here

Emandoi Srivaru.MP3 (3.48 MB) : Click Here

emito eemaya.MP3 (2.44 MB) : Click Here

emo emo.MP3 (3.42 MB) : Click Here

Ennenno Janmala.mp3 (2.5 MB) : Click Here

Evari Kosam Evari.mp3 (3.29 MB) : Click Here

Evariki Teliyadule Intula.MP3 (3.69 MB) : Click Here

Evarivo Neevevarivo.mp3 (5.76 MB) : Click Here

Galiki Kulamedi.mp3 (3.56 MB) : Click Here

Godari Gattundi.mp3 (3.94 MB) : Click Here

GORANKA GOOTIKI.MP3 (2.87 MB) : Click Here

Gouramma Nee.mp3 (4.83 MB) : Click Here

Gunna Mamidi Komma Meeda.mp3 (3.89 MB) : Click Here

Hallo Hallo O Ammayi.mp3 (2.94 MB) : Click Here

Hara Hara Hara Sambho.mp3 (2.61 MB) : Click Here

Hayi Hayiga Aamani Sage.mp3 (5.47 MB) : Click Here

ILAA ILAA JEEVITHAM.MP3 (2.98 MB) : Click Here

Jagame Marinadi Maduram.mp3 (3.33 MB) : Click Here

janma methithi ra.MP3 (4.49 MB) : Click Here

Jayammu Nischayammura.mp3 (4.99 MB) : Click Here

jo lali jo lali.MP3 (3.64 MB) : Click Here

Joruga Husharuga Shikaru.mp3 (3.84 MB) : Click Here

Kala Edini Nizamidani.mp3 (2.99 MB) : Click Here

Old Classic Collection 1

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Aakasa Pandirilo.mp3 (4 MB) : Click Here

Aalanaga palanaga.mp3 (4.34 MB) : Click Here

Aalayana Velasina.mp3 (3.4 MB) : Click Here

Aasa Nirasanu.MP3 (3.57 MB) : Click Here

Adagaka Echina.mp3 (3.16 MB) : Click Here

aligina velane.mp3 (2.86 MB) : Click Here

Aligitiva Sakhi Priya.mp3 (3.75 MB) : Click Here

Alugakura Nalugurilo.mp3 (3.83 MB) : Click Here

Andame Aanandam.MP3 (3.14 MB) : Click Here

Andenu Neede Andani.mp3 (3.07 MB) : Click Here

Antaga Nanu Chudaku.mp3 (3.61 MB) : Click Here

Ayyayyo Brahmayya.mp3 (4.52 MB) : Click Here

Babu Vinara.mp3 (3.95 MB) : Click Here

Bangaru bomma.mp3 (3.55 MB) : Click Here

Bhale Bhale Andalu.mp3 (3.4 MB) : Click Here

Bhale Manchi Roju.MP3 (2.83 MB) : Click Here

Bommanu Chesi Pranamu.mp3 (4.44 MB) : Click Here

Challaga choodali.mp3 (2.28 MB) : Click Here

Challani Vennelalo.MP3 (3.71 MB) : Click Here

chetilo cheyyesi.mp3 (3.15 MB) : Click Here

Chigurakulalo Chilakamma.mp3 (2.72 MB) : Click Here

Chirunavvuloni Hayi.mp3 (4.67 MB) : Click Here

Chitapata Chinukulu.mp3 (3 MB) : Click Here

Deenulanu Kapadutaku .mp3 (5.26 MB) : Click Here

Deva Deva Narayana.mp3 (3.2 MB) : Click Here

Devi Sridevi.Mp3 (2.28 MB) : Click Here

Dinakara Subhakara.mp3 (2.65 MB) : Click Here

echata nundi.MP3 (2.28 MB) : Click Here

Edi Cheli Pata.mp3 (2.91 MB) : Click Here

Ee Divilo Virisina.mp3 (5.04 MB) : Click Here

Ee Jeevana Tarangalalo.mp3 (3.85 MB) : Click Here

ee nallani ralaro.MP3 (3.45 MB) : Click Here

Sri Madvirat Potuluri Veerabramhendra Swamy Charitha

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SapthaGiri by Ramana Gogula

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Goruvanka Chiluka : Download

Kondalalona : Download

Music Bit - Download

Naa Daari Godaari : Downlaod

Shree Thirumala : Download

Thathalu Thandrulu : Download

Thirumula Devera : Download

Thellare Poddulo : Download

Vinaa Venkatesham : Download

Ultimate Devotional Collection

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shubodhayam : Click Here

: Click Here


Harathi SaiBaba
: Click Here

Jai Ganesh Deva : Click Here

Jai Laxmi Mata : Click Here

3.Sai baba

Maa Paapalu : Click Here

shiridi ye ma pandaripuramu : Click Here

Sai baba : Click Here

Hey Panduranga : Click Here

Shiridi Lopali : Click Here

yentha yentha daya : Click Here

ninnu gani sharanam : Click Here

Nuvu Leka : Click Here


naloona shivudu galadu
: Click Here

yentha mosagadivaya : Click Here

o siva na siva : Click Here

namo bhutham : Click Here

shivoham : Click Here

chidananda : Click Here


jaya jaya shubakara
: Click Here

vinayaka ne moorthiki : Click Here


Kartrhika Masa Kalam
: Click Here

Maala dharaanam : Click Here

Okatava Mettu : Click Here

Om Om Ayyappa : Click Here

7.western devotionals

Track 01
: Click Here

Track 02 : Click Here

Track 03 : Click Here

8.ragavendra swamy

Nammina na madhi
: Click Here


Mahabali Maharudra
: Click Here

Dance Master

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Gingala Ginga : Download

One Two Three : Download

Jagana Jagana : Download

Kavitha Chilikindhi : Download

Vaana Megham : Download

Kaalamaina : Download

Regutunna Dhoka : Download

Raanela Vasanthalee : Download

Music Bit : Download

Allu Arjun filmography

Allu Arjun (born April 8, 1983) is a Telugu actor from India.
Arjun is the nephew of a famous Telugu actor Chiranjeevi. He is also the grandson of the Telugu comedy actor Allu Ramalingaiah. His cousin Ram Charan Teja is also a young and upcoming Tollywood actor. He has two siblings - an older brother named Allu Venkatesh, and a younger brother named Allu Sirish. He now lives in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with his family. He is the only leading actor in tollywood who has no flops in his career.


Santosham Film Awards

2005: Best Young Performer for Arya
2006: Best Young Performer for Bunny

Nandi Awards

2005: Special Jury for Arya


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1.Gangotri - Click Here

2.Arya - Click Here

3.Bunny - Click Here

4.Happy - Click Here

5.Desamuduru - Click Here

6.Parugu - Click Here

Rajasekhar filmography

Dr Rajasekhar is a famous Telugu Actor , Who has acted more than 50 movies, in Telugu and Tamil Languages. He is famous for his Angry image. He married His co-star Jeevitha and has blessed with two daughters i.e. Sivani and Sirinandini.He is very famous for his good deeds.


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1.Gangvaar (Hindi) - No Link

2.Aruna Kiranam - No Link

3.Prathi Ghatana - No Link

4.Vande Matharam - Click Here

5.Challani Ramaiah Chikkani Sitamma - No Link

6.Repati Pourulu - Click Here

7.Thalambralu - Click Here

8.America Abbai - No Link

9.Idenaa Prapancham - No Link

10.Prajaa Swamyam - No Link

11.Annapoornamma Gaari Alludu - No Link

12.Ahuthi - Click Here

13.Bava Maradalla Saval - No Link

14.Indra Dhanassu - No Link

15.Mister Hero - No Link

16.Nava Bharatham - No Link

17.Nyayam Kosam - No Link

18.Station Mastar - No Link

19.Ankusam - Click Here

20.Mamatala Kovela - Click Here

21.Sruthi Layalu - Click Here

22.Aagraham - No Link

23.Ahamkaari - No Link

24.Balarama Krishunulu - Click Here

25.Moratodu Naa Mogudu - Click Here

26.Allari Priyudu - Click Here

27.Amma Koduku - Click Here

28.Angarakshakudu - Click Here

29.Anna - No Link

30.Gang Master - Click Here

31.Raja Simham - Click Here

32.Omkaaram - Click Here

33.Maa Aayana Bangaram - Click Here

34.Radha Yatra - No Link

35.Deergha Sumangali Bhava - No Link

36.Sivayya - No Link

37.Sooryudu - No Link

38.Bobbili Vamsham - No Link

39.Mechanic Mavayya - No Link

40.Neti Gandhi - No Link

41.Simha Raasi - Click Here

42.Seshu - Click Here

43.Maa Annayya - Click Here

44.Ravanna - No Link

45.Manasunna Maaraju - Click Here

46.Villian - No Link

47.Aayudham - Click Here

48.Nayakudu - No Link

49.Raja Babu - No Link

50.Evadaithe Nakenti - Click Here

51.Gorintaku - Click Here

movies which dont have links will be updated soon.................

Prabhas filmography

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati (born October 23, 1979), popularly known as Prabhas is a Tollywood actor and the nephew of Tollywood star and politician Krishnam Raju Uppalapati.

Prabhas's early movies, Eeshwar and Raghavendra, did not fare very well at the box office but he gained stardom with M.S. Raju's film, Varsham, opposite Trisha Krishnan, in 2004. After the success of Varsham, Adavi Ramudu and Chakram did not live up to the expectations of Prabhas's fans. However in September 2005, he made a comeback with the phenomenal blockbuster, Chatrapathi, opposite actress Shriya Saran. Chatrapathi was followed by unsuccessful films such as Pournami, Yogi, and Munna. Munna also starred Illeana opposite him. Despite these unsuccessful ventures, he continues to have a large, loyal fan base among telugu people, especially among females and young men also.
With bujjigadu movie, prabhas is once again back with success


.::Click on the movie to download::.


1.Eeshwar - Click Here

2.Raghavendra - Click Here

3.Varsham - Click Here

4.Adavi Ramudu - Click Here

5.Chakram - Click Here

6.Chatrapati - Click Here

7.Pournami - Click Here

8.Yogi - Click Here

9.Munna - Click Here

10.Bujjigadu - Click Here

Pawan Kalyan filmography

Pawan Kalyan (Telugu:పవన్ కళ్యాన్) (born 2 September 1971) is a popular Telugu cinema actor and a film director. Fondly known as Power Star by his fans, Pawan Kalyan's notable movies include Tholi Prema (1998), Thammudu (1999), Badri (2000), Khushi (2001) and Jalsa (2008).

Pawan Kalyan was born to Venkat Rao and Smt Anjana Devi in Mogalthur, Andhra Pradesh, India.He is the youngest brother of legendary Telugu actor - Chiranjeevi and actor/producer Nagendra Babu.

Social Work

Pawan has started an organization called Common Man Protection Force(CMPF) in October 2007. He has contributed 1 crore INR towards the corpus fund, CMPF aims to solve the social problems, help the neglected sections of the society, in India.But unfortunately they were no response and it went to scratch.


.::Click on the movie to download::.


1.Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi - Click Here

2.Gokulamlo Seetha - Click Here

3.Suswagatham - Click Here

4.Tholi Prema - Click Here

5.Thammudu - Click Here

6.Badri - Click Here

7.Khushi - Click Here

8.Johnny - Click Here

9.Gudumba Shankar - Click Here

10.Balu - Click Here

11.Bangaram - Click Here

12.Annavaram - Click Here

13.Jalsa - Click Here

Juniour Ntr filmography

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (born May 20, 1983) more popularly known as NTR Jr.,Tarak, or just NTR, is a popular Indian film actor. He is a grandson of Late Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who is a legendary actor, statesman, and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.He is the son of Sri. Nandamuri Harikrishna (NTR's son) and Smt. Shalini. He is fondly called as Tarak by his family, friends and close associates. Later, he changed his name to Taraka Rama Rao in honor of his grandfather. Many cine and political analysts believe that he is the next big star from the Nandamuri family.


2002 - Nandi Award for Special Jury - Aadi 2003 - Santosham Best Young Performer Award - Simhadri 2007 - Filmfare Award for Best Telugu Actor - Yamadonga 2007 - CineMAA Award for Best Actor - Yamadonga


.::Click on the movie to download::.
1.Bala Ramayanam - Click Here

2.Ninnu Choodalani - Click Here

3.Student No.1 - Click Here

4.Subbu - Click Here

5.Aadi - Click Here

6.Allari Ramudu - Click Here

7.Naaga - Click Here

8.Simhadri - Click Here

9.Andhrawala - Click Here

10.Samba - Click Here

11.Naa Alludu - Click Here

12.Narasimhudu - Click Here

13.Ashok - Click Here

14.Rakhi - Click Here

15.Yamadonga - Click Here

16.Kantri - Click Here

Ravi Teja filmography

Ravi Teja (Telugu: రవి తేజ) born January 26, 1968) is an Indian Telugu film actor.
Ravi Teja alias Bhoopatiraju Ravishankar Raju was born in Jaggampeta, East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. He is the eldest of three sons to his father, Bhoopatiraju Rajgopal Raju, a pharmacist and mother Rajyalaxmi Bhoopatiraju, a home maker. Both his brothers are now actors as well. Bhoopatiraju Raghunath Raju aka Raghu has also played the lead in a few B-Grade Telugu films and Bhoopathiraju Bharatraj Raju shared space with Ravi Teja in a few of his films and now plays negative roles in Tollywood. Before starting his career in Tollywood, Ravi Teja spent most of his childhood in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Bhopal. Later on he moved to Vijayawada along with his family and joined Siddhartha Degree College to pursue his Bachelors in Arts. Half way through his graduation, he left to Chennai on October 2nd 1988 to join Films.

On May 26, 2002 he married Kalyani who hails from Ganapavaram, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. On June 6, 2003, he was first blessed with a daughter, Mokshadha and on July 28, 2006, his son, Manit, was born.

Career Success

It was Nee Kosam directed by a debut director Srinu Vaitla, that gave Raviteja the much needed impetus. He bagged an award for his performance in Nee Kosam. His secondary roles continued again with films like Annayya, Budget Padmanabam, Tirumala Tirupati Venkatesa and Ammayi Kosam.

Raviteja got his big break with Itlu Sravani Subramanyam. Puri Jagannath, who was desperately looking to establish himself in the industry, though his debut film Badri with Pawan Kalyan was a hit, paired up with Ravi Teja to deliver Itlu Sravani Subramanyam. The movie was well received by the audiences. That was the turning point in his career.

Vamsi, who was planning his comeback innings, directed RaviTeja in Avunu Validharu Ishtapaddaru. It definitely welcomed Vamsi back into the industry and added another hit to Ravi Teja's kitty. Meanwhile, his friend Poori Jagannaath, who made the biggest hit of the year in Kannada, Appu, decided to remake the film in Telugu with Ravi Teja. This time he wanted to produce the film too. Idiot came out and set a new image for Ravi Teja as a ragamuffin and mass hero. With all three of these films being super hits, he came to be known as the Hat-Trick hero. The character Chanti clicked and was a rage in Andhra Pradesh. His famous line "Chantigadu local" is still mouthed by many youngsters over Andhra Pradesh.

In 2003, Ravi Teja played the lead in Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi, which became one of the biggest hits of the year. The year 2006 has been very special to Ravi Teja as he gave one of his career's biggest hit Vikramarkudu, directed by S. S. Rajamouli, despite the flop Shock, a Ram Gopal Varma production. Currently in 2008, the movie Krishna directed by V. V. Vinayak, has broken all the previous records of Ravi Teja, making it the biggest hit of his career.

Ravi Teja direct Ram Gopal Varmas film

Actor Ravi Teja is well known as a mass hero. But before his debut in the film industry as a hero, he worked as an assistant director under Ram Gopal Varma. Now, it is reported that Ravi Teja is going to direct a film of Ram Gopal Varma.

Ravi Teja picking his pace in tollywood Ravi Teja, who made his debut in tollywood as a villain is now a big hero. The latest report suggests that he is now a proud owner of a Mercedes e class Benz which is worth of 40 lacs. Slowly and sweetly, the mass hero has made a special place in the hearts of the tollywood fans.


.::Click on the movie to download::.

1.Sindhooram - Click Here

2.Tirumala tirupathi venkatesa - Click Here

3.Itlu sravani subramanyam - Click Here

4.Idiot - Click Here

5.Avunu valliddaru ishtapaddaru - Click Here

6.Khadgam - Click Here

7.Ee abbai chala manchoduame - Click Here

8.Amma nanna O tamil ammayi - Click Here

9.Oka raju oka rani - Click Here

10.Dongodu - Click Here

11.Chanti - Click Here

12.Veede - Click Here

13.Venky - Click Here

14.Naa Autograph - Click Here

15.Bhadra - Click Here

16.Bhageeradha - Click Here

17.Shock - Click Here

18.Vikramarkudu - Click Here

19.Khatarnak - Click Here

20.Dubai Seenu - Click Here

21.Krishna - Click Here

22.Baladhoor - Click Here

23.Neninthe - Click Here

Rajinikanth filmography

Rajinikanth (Shivaji Rao Gaekwad born on December 12, 1950) is one of the most influential and bankable movie stars in Indian cinema. Rajinikanth's mass popularity and appeal is largely drawn from his mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue. He received India's third highest honour, the Padma Bhushan, for his contribution to Indian cinema. Apart from his film career, he is a well known philanthropist and also serves as a notable political influence. Other than acting, Rajinikanth worked as a screenwriter, film producer and also a playback singer.

Popularily referred to and credited in films as superstar and fondly called as thalaivar (meaning leader in Tamil), Rajinikanth debuted as an actor in 1975 under the direction of K. Balachander in supporting roles. He was later favored in portraying antagonistic characters and gradually rose to acting in lead roles. Being a well known film artist to several regional film industries of India, he also appeared in the cinemas of other nations, including Hollywood. He was reportedly paid Rs.26 crores (about $6.25 million USD) for his latest blockbuster Sivaji: The Boss, making him the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan.

Rajinikanth was named as one of the influential persons in South Asia by Asiaweek.He has won a Filmfare Best Tamil Actor Award for the film Nallavanuku Nallavan in 1984.Rajinikanth, despite these awards, has not yet received a National Film Award. Between 1977 and 2005, Rajinikanth received several awards from Tamil Nadu State Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, Cinema Express, and Filmfans Association for his on-screen performances and off-screen contributions in writing and producing. He has received awards in the Best Actor category for his performance in the films Sivaji, Chandramukhi, Padayappa, Peddarayudu, Baasha, Muthu, Annamalai, Thalapathy, Velaikaran, Sri Raghavendra, Nallavanuku Nallavan, Moondru Mugam, Enkeyo Ketta Kural, Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai, Mullum Malarum and 16 Vayathinile. He received an award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri. He has also received awards in Best Story Writer and Best Producer categories for Valli. He has also received other honours such as Raj Kapoor Award in 2007 from the Government of Maharashtra, and honoured with award, Padma Bhushan, in 2000 from Government of India. In September 2007, Rajinikanth won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor for his role in the film Chandramukhi. Recently, he was selected as the Indian Entertainer of the Year for 2007 by NDTV, competing against the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty.


.::Click on the movie to download::.

1.Anthuleni Katha - Click Here

2.Chilakamma Cheppindi - No Link

3.Tholireyi Gadichindi - No Link

4.Aame Katha - No Link

5.Annadammula Savaal - No Link

6.Bhairavi Bhairavi - No Link

7.Vayasu Pilichindi - Click Here

8.Priya Ajayudu - No Link

9.Iddaru Asadhyule - No Link

10.Andhamaina Anubhavam - Click Here

11.Dharmayudham - No Link

12.Tiger - Click Here

13.Amma Evarikkaina Amma - No Link

14.Ram Robert Rahim - No Link

15.Mayadari Krishnudu - No Link

16.Kaali - No Link

17.Ethe Naasaval - No Link

18.Jeevana Poratam - No Link

19.Rowdy Zamindar - Click Here

20.Basha - No Link

21.Peddarayudu - Click Here

22.Arunachalam - Click Here

23.Muthu - Click Here

24.Narasimha - Click Here

25.Baba - Click Here

26.Chandramukhi - Click Here

27.Shivaji - Click Here

28.Kathanayakudu - Click Here

movies which dont have links will be updated soon.................

Srikanth filmography

Meka Srikanth (born March 23, 1968) is a Tollywood film actor. He is most known as Srikanth.

Srikanth was born in Gangavathi Dist. Koppal, Karnataka. He did B.Com in Karnataka University , Dharwar ,Karnataka, India and got a diploma from the film institute. Srikanth is married to Ooha and has a son, Roshan and a daughter, Medha. He played minor roles in many films before playing a hero. His first hit film as a hero was Pelli Sandadi which was directed by famous director K.Raghavendra Rao. Along with S.V Krishna Reddy he gave good hit movies like vinodam and Egire Pavurama.His hit movies are Khadgam ,Shankar Dada M.B.B.S, Pellam Orelithe, Kshemanga Velli Labhanga Randi, Oo Chinadana. He currently lives in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.He is very close to Tollywood Mega Star Chiranjeevi. He recently acted in the movie operation duryodhana which was a decent hit and reached the expectation of audience. His character in the movie was bhagavanthudu. His wife Ooha was also a film actress earlier to marriage.and he is a closest to megastar chiranjeevi . Srikanth has good fan following among families.he is a good human being.


.::Click on the movie to download::.
1.Peoples Encounter - No Link

2.One by two - Click Here

3.Kondapalli Raja - No Link

4.TajMahal - Click Here

5.Ghatothkachudu - No Link

6.Kanya Danam - Click Here

7.Love Game - No Link

8.Aame - Click Here

9.Leta Manasulu - Click Here

10.Pandaga - Click Here

11.Anaganaga O Ammayi - Click Here

12.Chala Bagundi - Click Here

13.Darling Darling - Click Here

14.Donga Ramudu & Party - Click Here

15.Neeke Manasichanu - Click Here

16.Vinodam - Click Here

17.Pelli Sandadi - Click Here

18.Kuthuru - No Link

19.Aahwanam - Click Here

20.Thaali - Click Here

21.Maa Nannaki Pelli - Click Here

22.Egire pavurama - Click Here

23.Gillikajjalu - Click Here

I24.ntlo Srimati Veedilo Kumari - Click Here

25.Vuyala - Click Here

26.Ayanagaru - No Link

27.Manasulo Maata - Click Here

28.Tappu Chesi Pappu Kudu - No Link

29.Pillanachinidi - No Link

30.Panchadara Chilaka - Click Here

31.Ninne Premistaa - Click Here

32.Kshemanga Velli Laabanga Randi - No Link

33.Tirumala Tirupati Venkatesa - Click Here

34.Aaduthu Paaduthu - No Link

35.Khadgam - Click Here

36.O Chinadana - Click Here

37.Pellam Oorelite - Click Here

38.Preyasiraave - Click Here

39.Madhura Nagarilo - Click Here

40.Naa Manasista Raa - Click Here

41.Okaradha iddaru krishnulu - Click Here

42.Oteysi cheputhunna - Click Here

43.Nenu Pelliki Ready - Click Here

44.Swarnabhishekam - Click Here

45.Sankranthi - Click Here

46.Radha Gopalam - Click Here

47.Kanchanamala Cable TV - Click Here

48.Kalisi Naduddam - Click Here

49.Evandoi Sreevaru - No Link

50.Sarada Saradaga - No Link

51.Maayajaalam - No Link

52.Sri Krishna 2006 - Click Here

53.Aadhi Lakshmi - No Link

54.Shankar Dada MBBS - Click Here

55.Shankar Dada Zindabad - Click Here

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57.Operation Duryodhana - No Link

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movies which dont have links will be updated soon.................