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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nitin filmography

Nithin Reddy (born March 30 in Hyderabad), is a popular Tollywood film actor. His father N. Sudhakar Reddy is a popular film distributor and a producer in Nizam area.

Nithin started his career with the senational hit Jayam in 2002.

In 2003, his career got a bigger boost with hit film Dil directed by V.V. Vinayak. Later in 2003, Nithin delivered his first flop, Sambaram.

In 2004, Nithin starred in Sri Anjaneyam, which was another bigger boost for Nitin and director Krishna Vamsi

From 2005 to 2006, he got a bigger boost with hit films (Dhairyam, Allari Bullodu, and Ram). His next upcoming film will be Satyam Shivam Sundaram with Meera Chopra.

Victory,Hero are another Films which gave boost to Nitin


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1.Jayam - Click Here

2.Dil - Click Here

3.Sambaram - Click Here

4.Sri Anjaneyam - Click Here

5.Sye - Click Here

6.Dhairyam - Click Here

7.Allari Bullodu - Click Here

8.Raam - Click Here

9.Satyam Sivam Sundaram - Click Here

10.Takkari - Click Here

11.Victory - Click Here

12.Hero - Click Here

Kalyan Ram filmography

Kalyan Ram Nandamuri is the grand son of NT Rama Rao and son of Nandamuri Harikrishna. His career started with 2 flops, Abhimanyu and Toli Choopuloni. However, his third film Athanokkade became a runaway hit at box office. His fourth film Asadhyudu disappointed. His fifth film is Lakshmi Kalyanam is a below average film.His latest flick, HareRam became a superhit at boxoffice bringing him stardom.


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1.Abhimanyu - Click Here

2.Tholi Chupulone - Click Here

3.Asadhyudu - Click Here

4.Lakshmi Kalyanam - Click Here

5.Vijaya Dasami - Click Here

6.Hare Ram - Click Here

Gopichand filmography

T. Gopichand (born June 12, 1979), more popularly known as Gopichand, is a popular Telugu film actor. He is son of revolutionary filmmaker T Krishna - broke into the scene with Toli Valapu as hero. Then he did powerful villain roles in Jayam, Nijam and Varsham before getting a break as hero with Yagnam.

He was 8 years old when his father expired. He completed his studies in Chennai. There was no direct influence of his father in his childhood. He got his engineering degree from Russia. He was not interested in films at that time. His elder brother Premchand was working as an associate to Muthyala Subbayya. Premchand made his debut as director and started working on a film under his home banner, but he expired in a car accident. Gopichand was in Russia during the time of his brother's accident and could not come to India for the funeral due to Visa problems. He wanted somebody to carry the legacy of his father. As his brother was no more, he decided to enter films. After completing his engineering, he joined dialogue modulation course for a year. Then he made his debut as hero with ‘Toli Valapu’. After doing villan roles in Jayam, Varsham & Nijam. He got break with Yagnam movie which turned out to be a blockbuster. He was notified with mass image for his terrific performance in Ranam in 2006. In 2007 his first release Okkadunnadu became a hit, next movie Lakshyam turned out to be one of the biggest hit of the year. In 2008 his release Ontari did only average business but his recent flick Souryam turned out to be a blockbuster. Gopichand has huge mass fan following and he has very good ladies fan following in AP.

Nandi Award for Best Villain - Jayam


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1.Tholi Valapu - No Link

2.Andhrudu - Click Here

3.Lakshyam - Click Here

4.Okkadunnadu - Click Here

5.Ranam - Click Here

6.Raraju - Click Here

7.Varsham - Click Here

8.Yagnam - Click Here

9.Souryam- Click Here

movies which dont have links will be updated soon.................

Amara Deepam

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Inthe Ee Jeevithamu : Download

Naa Jeevana : Download

Ye Raagamo : Download

Anthalesi Andhaalu : Download

Kotthaga Vundhaa : Download

Neeve Thalliyu : Download

Allari Mogudu Anumaanapu Pellam

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Ika Aapu O Rama : Download

No Babu No Babu
: Download

Vayasu Varadai Pongevela : Download

I found only 3 songs in the VCD. Hope this is complete album.


Click below to Download Load all the songs


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Chalikaalam Vachchindante : Download

Muthyaala Muddhekkade
: Download

Nee Vidhilo : Download

Premaa Ok Pelli Ok : Download

Thandhanaalu Prema : Download

Agni Parvatham

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EE GAALILO : Download

: Download

IDHE IDHE : Download

ONE ONE NO ONE : Download



Adavi Simhalu

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01Kshemama Priyatama : Download

02 Pillanchindi Pellikudirindi
: Download

03 Aariteripoindamma Chinnadi
: Download

04 Gantakottinda Gaali Mallinda
: Download

05 Gootiloki Cheredi Eppudo
: Download

06 Aggipulla Baggumantadi
: Download


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aeko narayana aelukora : Download

cheema kuTTinda
: Download

chilakamma gooTilo chotundiro
: Download

guddutaa nee yavva
: Download

jil jil jilebi
: Download

nee choopu adirindi rO
: Download


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Abba Nee soku : Download

Love Me
: Download

Pushyamasa : Download

Ye Theethuvo : Download