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Monday, October 15, 2012

Dasara Festival Info and Bhakti Geetalu Collection

.::What is Dasara Festival::.
Dasara festival is also known as Vijaya Dasami, which is celebrated on the 10th day of the holy Navratri. This is one of the most important festivals of India, and also called as Dusserha is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. Dasara festival has an important place in the culture of India. It is a festival of pooja, joy, lights, music, songs, Ramlila and happiness.

.::When is Dasara Celebrated::.
Dasara Festival is celebrated in the month of Ashwin, the Hindu month, which falls in September-October. It is an extravagant festival and is celebrated for 10 days. The first nine days are called Navratri (‘Nav’ meaning 9 and ‘rathri’ meaning night), and the 10th day is Vijayadasami, the grand celebration day. Each day of Navratri is celebrated with different rituals in different parts of the country. Vijayadasami is the celebration of the destruction of demon Mahishasura by Goddess Chamundeswari.

.::What is Navratri::.
The first nine days of the Dasara Festival is called Navaratri and is celebrated to mark the destruction of evil, and the 10th day is known as Vijaya Dashami. Indians have been celebrating the Navarathri festival from ancient times as a mode of worship of Devi, the Divine as mother. They worship Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati during those nine days.

.::What is the legend of Dasara::.
Dasara is celebrated in different ways in the different parts of the country. In the northern part of India, it is celebrated as the successful return of Lord Rama to his kingdom, after killing Demon Ravana. In Bengal Dasara is called as Durga Pooja. In the southern part of India, it is celebrated as Dasara and the main celebration is at Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka,  for the victory of Goddess Chamundeshwari over the demon Mahishasur.Though the stories and celebrations are different, the theme of all the places is victory over evil.

.::Bhakti Geetalu Collection::.
Ashtottranjali : Download
Dance of Shakti : Download
Devi Navarathrulu : Download
Devi Stotra Malika : Download
Devi Stuthi Maala : Download
Devi Vandanam : Download

Gayathri Mantram : Download
Kanakadurga Pooja Vidhanam : Download
Mahalakshmi Sahasranamam : Download
Sakthi Swaroopini : Download
Shiva & Shakti : Download
Shri Mahishasura Mardhini : Download
Sri Ashtalakshmi Sthuthi : Download
Sri Durga Sahasranamam : Download
Sri Kamakshi Navavarnam : Download


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